$ 6.95


This isn't your average size fusilli.  We were in Como Italy in the summer of 2018 on a visit to our friends who craft the Bronze Dies that each shape of pasta is made from and this specific fusilli was on their desk as a prototype.  We wanted a specific fusilli and this one was brand new and we were so excited to launch with it here in the states because it is unique.   This cut has (3-Veins on the twirl) with an inner grooved channel that grabs any condiment it is served with.   This is also one of our thickest cuts of dried pasta and requires the full 10-11 min cooking time.   Perfect cut for those who love a good bite and chew.

About Nicoletto’s Pasta Co. Traditional Pasta

When we first started crafting our traditional pasta we wanted to create something familiar using a variety of traditional pasta making techniques. Our traditional pastas are made from durum wheat and semolina grown in North Dakota and throughout North America. Nicoletto’s Pasta Co. Traditional Pasta is made from wheat that is milled on the banks of the Mississippi river in St. Louis and sent us freshly milled in order to lock in the flavor.